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The area is blessed with great weather. The north of Fengxian District faces the Huangpu River and the south is near Hangzhou Bay. It belongs to a subtropical monsoon climate and southeast wind is popular. The sun shines all year round and rain is abundant.

The air quality here is the best in Shanghai since the quantity of dust fall is only one-tenth of the downtown of Shanghai, and the total suspended particulates concentration is merely 0.110 milligrams per cubic meter.

Fengxian District belongs to the alluvial plain, Yangtze River Delta, so it has a smooth terrain. The bearing capacity of foundations on its soil is 8 to 10 tons per square meter. Moreover, Fengxian has the highest ground elevation in Shanghai, with an average of 4 to 4.5 meters, 0.5 meters higher than the average level in Shanghai.

The annual average rainfall is 1162 millimeters, and its frost-free season lasts 225 days. The annual average temperature is 15.7 degrees Celsius, and the annual sunshine hours are 1,942 hours. Moreover, the annual average humidity is 82% and the annual average wind speed is 3.3 meters per second.

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