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Fengxian Museum

Address: No.121 East Jiefang Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian

Telephone: (Curator's office) 67115211 (office)67187468

Fengxian Museum is consist of a showroom of historical items and a showroom of Jiannan culture, and the tow showrooms cover an area of 2200 m2. In the showroom of historical items, numerous heritage are exhibited such as ceramics from ancient to modern, bronzes, porcelain, sacrifice and ancient coins of various periods etc. Besides, considerable objects, graphs and photos are used to introduce the in details the history of two important towns, Fengcheng Town and Nanqiao Town. In the showroom of Jiannang culture, main exhibitions are Jiannan apparel, homespun, textile machineries etc. By these exhibitions, custom and culture in Fengxian is well-reflected, and this is of great help for people to get knowledge of Fengxian's history, custom and culture. The museum is a good place to teach the youth about historical materialism, patriotism, and revolutionary tradition. The museum is free to the youth.

The showroom of historical items is located in the third floor, N0.121 East Jiefang Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian, opposite Shanghai Fengxian TV Station. Buses goes directly to Nanqiao Town are available in Xinzhuang district, Longhua district and Meilong district. Visitors for Pudong can take the bus "Puwei" and get off at Nanqiao.

Fengxian Museum opens from Monday to Saturday.
Opening Hours: 9:00am-4:30pm.
Ticket Price: 3 yuan
Zip Code: 201400

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