Emission detectors hold industrial polluters at bay

Dec 23, 2015

The Hangzhou Bay Development Zone in Fengxian has installed an air quality monitoring system at a cost of 4 million yuan (US$617,284) with sensors placed along the border between Fengxian Chemical Industrial Park and...

More cosmetics firms follow Nu Skin to Fengxian

Dec 22, 2015

Nu Skin, the US-based company specialized in skin care and nutritional products, recently launched a mobile app, ageLOC Me, to let users select products that suit them once they type in their conditions and preferences....

Color pens wonderful gifts for rural kids in Guangxi

Dec 18, 2015

Students of a remote village school in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region received color pens from Fengxian. For the first time they can draw with color pens which they cannot afford. The Fengxian Experimental Primary...

Smog out and chill in

Dec 16, 2015

People basked in the sun and enjoyed colorful leaves in parks today. Fengxian's air quality improved noticeably after two days of smog blown in from north China. The good air will stay a few more days as no heavy...

Fengxian improves elderly care for 150,000 local seniors

Dec 14, 2015

Senior citizens in Fengxian are taken good care of whether they live at home, stay in a day-care center or live in a nursing home, thanks to the district's elderly care program. Fengxian has more than 150,000 people...

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