Reminder from Fengxian Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Department: please register birth or children immediately after their birth in Shanghai

Oct 7, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are working in Shanghai. They're planning to go back to their home country with their three-month baby who was born in Shanghai. However, when they went through exit formalities, it was found that...

Technical Innovations in Fengxian District up to August

Oct 7, 2008

From January to August, 74 technical innovation programs were proposed and permitted in Fengxian District, with the total investment of 1.127 billion yuan. There are 43 projects with a total investment of 944 million...

District Economy Keeps Steady Growth from January-July

Sep 18, 2008

According to statistics, from January to July, this district achieved an accumulative gross industrial output value of 77.61 billion yuan at current prices, an increase of 18.4% over the same period of last year, accounting...

Fengxian District Sees Good Results in Attracting Business from January-August

Sep 18, 2008

From January to August, 88 domestic-invested industrial projects were introduced to Fengxian District, which brought about a total investment of 4.46 billion yuan, and 3.32 billion yuan was available, which accounted...

Technological transformation in Fengxian from Jan. to Jun

Aug 11, 2008

From January to June, Fengxian approved 53 technological transformation projects with a total investment of 850 million yuan and an average investment of 16.03 million yuan. Among them, 32 ones with an average investment...

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