News Feature: Life Upborne by Public

Jun 8, 2007

A soul stirring brave action took place on April 28 in the Shenlong Ecological Park of Fengxian District, a demonstration pilot project of national agricultural tour when Sheng Xing and Huang Sanlang plunged into freezing...

Three Lives Lost for Rescuing Drowning Girl

Jun 8, 2007

Qingcun Town Party Committee and Government Go all out to Cope with the Accident On the afternoon of April 28, 2007, Sheng Xing, Huang Sanlang and Lu Shichen gave their lift for rescuing Cai Yan, a waitress of Shenlong...

Shangsu" tubular products Titled Shanghai Famous-brand Product

Jun 8, 2007

At the Marketing Strategy Seminar held by Shanghai Shangsu Holding Group on April 30, the Quality Supervision Department of Shanghai announced that Shangsu pipes were awarded Shanghai Famous Brand Product. Wang Fuxian,...

Preparation for Special Olympics Shanghai 2007 Smoothly Implemented

Jun 8, 2007

On April 29, Fengxian Executive Committee of Special Olympics Shanghai 2007 held the 1st enlarged meeting. Zhang Liping, and Peng Chenlei, the district governor, were present. The meeting emphasize that the match events...

Pumpkin and Soybean Grown like a Tree in Vegetable Park

Jun 8, 2007

Vegetables like tomato, pumpkin, soybean, eggplant all grow as tall as a tree. People can stroll under the vegetable tree or sit down, having tea and chatting. By this October, residents are able to see the spectacle...

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