The Logistic Purchasing Fair Held in Fengxian District

Jul 19, 2007

On 30th June, renowned experts and scholars of logistics and hundreds of corporate representatives from logistic supply industry gathered at the Shanghai Logistic Supply Trade Center at Fengxian to attend the first...

Informationization Drives the Industrial Base in Fengxian for Power Transmission & Distribution

Jul 16, 2007

All signs indicate that Shanghai Fengxian power transmission and distribution industry has witnessed a new phase of development climax. On May 29, Annual Meeting of Shanghai Electrical Industry Association Power Transmission...

Main Shopping Streets in Nanqiao New City looks to Upgrade

Jul 12, 2007

Recently, Construction Planning Program for Fengxian District Nanqiao New City Shopping Streets passed formally. The reporter learnt from this program that the main shopping streets in Nanqiao New City under planning...

Fengxian's Industrial Economy Sees Good Growth in the 1st Half Year

Jul 11, 2007

The reporter learned from Fengxian District Economic Committee that from January to May the district accumulatively realized a gross industrial output value of 45.54 billion yuan, an increase of 18.2% over the same...

Reception Work is Ready for Special Olympics' Community in Fengxian

Jul 10, 2007

On the afternoon of June 27, Community Reception Department of Special Olympics Fengxian District Executive Committee held its first working conference to discuss the reception plan and work flow. About 18 administrative...

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