Make Your Own "Love Wine" Under The Grape Trellis In Yu Hui Green Garden In Fengxian

Nov 15, 2006

Located in Xin Si town of Fengxian district, Yu Hui green garden can be seen as a vineyard, where there are excellent kinds of grapes from over 80 countries worldwide. Entering the garden, you'll feel embraced by...

The Largest Yacht Manufacturing Base Nationwide Emerging In Shanghai Soon

Nov 15, 2006

China Shipping Industry Group Company and Shanghai Fengxian district government signed a frame agreement on building and developing a medium yacht manufacturing base in Shanghai, on September 8th in Beijing. This...

Spain's Madrid Logistics Delegation Coming to Fengxian on an Investigation Tour

Nov 15, 2006

At the invitation of the district foreign economic committee, president of Span's Madrid logistics association Mr. JOSE, vice-president of Madrid incorporate union Mr. GNZALO and other 5 people came to visit the district...

A 100-year-old Elder Seeing the World again After the Operation of Recovering Eyesight

Nov 15, 2006

On the early morning of November 13, Pan Li-Juan, an elder who has just turned 100 this year and lives in Wan Long Community of Nan Qiao Town came to the Fengxian Central Hospital. She was greatly excited when the...

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