Pumpkin and Soybean Grown like a Tree in Vegetable Park

Jun 8, 2007

Vegetables like tomato, pumpkin, soybean, eggplant all grow as tall as a tree. People can stroll under the vegetable tree or sit down, having tea and chatting. By this October, residents are able to see the spectacle...

Small and Medium-sized Enterprised in Fengxian Fostering Own Brand

Jun 8, 2007

With their competitiveness and market influence, 15 enterprises in Fengxian District such as Kaibao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. And Hande Food Group, were named ?006 Brand Enterprise?and 懙rand Product of Shanghai? and...

Sichuan-Shanghai ±800 KV HVDC Transmission Demonstration Project Inaugurated in Fengxian

Jun 8, 2007

On the morning of May 21, the first ±800 KV HVDC transmission demonstration project was inaugurated in Hengqiao village, Situan Town, Fengxian District. Liu Zhenya, GM of State Grid, Hu Yanzhao, vice chairman of Shanghai...

"All People Taking Part in Cleaning Home" Promoted in Fengxian

Jun 8, 2007

In order to speed up the process of building up a civilized city, all towns and development zones in the district take the initiative of regulating city appearance and environmental sanitation, with focus on cleaning...

Volunteer Tourist Guide Team Formed in Haiwan Tourism Zone

Jun 8, 2007

After thorough preparation and planning, the Youth League committee of Haiwan Tourism Zone collaborated with Shanghai Normal University Law and Politics School to form a volunteer tourist guide team consisting of 31...

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