Fengxian opens a library in a transformed train in Haiwan Town

Sep 3, 2018

A library set within a locomotive at the City Square of Haiwan Town in Fengxian opens to the public this week. The reading express was transformed from an actual train and now boasts a floor space of 150 square meters,...

Fengxian excavates a 1,100-year-old stone coffin

Aug 31, 2018

Work to unearth an ancient grave for a noble more than 1,100 years ago kicked off yesterday morning in Zhuanghang Town in Fengxian District. The grave belonged to the wife of Prime Minister Pan Ge in the Former...

Fengxian town goes all out to boost production and sales of sweet, juicy yellow peach

Aug 31, 2018

A town in Fengxian is making great efforts to boost both production and sales of yellow peaches, a local feature fruit. Qingcun Town is a known producer of yellow peaches. In 2000, the town received the title of...

Arctic fox found in Shanghai park

Aug 29, 2018

An arctic fox was found in Shanghai's Gulf Forest Park last Saturday afternoon, and has since been handed over to a local wildlife protection station, police said on Tuesday. Staff at the park spotted the animal...

Fengxian District helps unemployed to find new jobs through skill training programs

Aug 24, 2018

Fengxian human resources department is stepping up its efforts to help unemployed people getting reemployed by offering them skill training programs. Altogether 30 professional training institutions offer 42 courses...

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