Fengxian is building a bonded exhibition and sales center for imported goods

Dec 22, 2017

Construction of the exhibition and sales center for the city's comprehensive bonded area in Fengxian District is set to complete and put into use next year. The 8,000-square-meter center will serve as a function...

Qingcun Town charity fair raises fund for the needy

Dec 22, 2017

A charity fair was held in Qingcun Town last week to raise fund for those in need. Some enterprises donated products to be sold at the event and residents also gave away their idle items at the venue. A variety...

Smart printing and packaging production line boots company's output and efficiency

Dec 19, 2017

A smart printing factory is now operating in full swing in Zhelin Town, Fengxian. The 15,000-square-meter new factory belongs to Long Li De Packaging and Printing Co Ltd, whose business is often deemed by outsiders...

Mechanization boosts agricultural production in Fengxian

Dec 15, 2017

Specialized agricultural co-opts in Fengxian are using machines to boost productivity. In 2016, a batch of demonstration zones for vegetable planting mechanization were established in the district. Vegetable production...

Youth equestrian open kicks off in Fengxian

Dec 13, 2017

Shanghai Youth Equestrian Open, also the seventh Roborant Equestrian Open, kicked off on Saturday at Roborant Equestrian Club in Fengxian, attracting more than 100 participants aged from 10 to 62 to compete in three...

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