Fengxian school team to attend DI national final

Dec 1, 2015

Fengxian High School team together with three others will attend the national final in Beijing next month after its excellent performance in the Destination Imagination Shanghai tournament 2015-2016.

Jiading No.1 High School hosted the game with participation of 165 school teams from the city's 17 districts. 

Fengxian High School Team is the only one that took part in all the challenges.

Destination Imagination is for students to use modern society skills and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles to solve problems in creative and collaborative ways.

Team members have to work together to develop a solution to an open-ended challenge at tournaments. Through the challenges they learn and experience the process of innovation as well as skills needed to succeed in school, career and life, including teamwork, communication, project management and self-confidence.

Team challenges usually include scientific and technical innovation, fine arts and imagination.

Winner of the China Final next month will go to the United States for world championship.

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