Color pens wonderful gifts for rural kids in Guangxi

Dec 18, 2015

Students of a remote village school in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region received color pens from Fengxian. For the first time they can draw with color pens which they cannot afford.

The Fengxian Experimental Primary School learned from a teacher with that school in Hengxian County, Guangxi that her 14 students used to write "red," "green" or "blue" on their drawings to indicate the color they would like to use.

"The rest relied on their imagination," said Ren Shaofen, the only teacher in the impoverished Xiaoban Village. She and six other rural teachers from Guangxi were in Fengxian recently for a short-term training course.

Hearing her account, teachers of the Fengxian school donated color pen sets and other art materials to Ren's school and decided to strengthen exchanges between the two schools.

The seven teachers from Guangxi are all honored as "the Most Beautiful Rural Teachers" in China.

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