Oriental Beauty Valley hosts 2018 international cosmetics conference

Nov 26, 2018 | By Zhang Long

The 2018 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference was unveiled in Fengxian District on Sunday.


Representatives, experts, and scholars from more than a hundred globally-renowned cosmetics brands and over a dozen countries and regions attended the conference to discuss the cosmetics industries' supervision policies in China and their development trend and offer their advice on the healthy development of Shanghai's health and beauty industries.



Zhang Yansheng, secretary-general of the National Development and Reform Commission's Academic Committee, said Shanghai has been optimizing its environment of business, investment, and markets to build an open, transparent, and law-abiding development environment for companies operating in the city.



The health and cosmetics industries have become the industries with the most growth and development potentials, and it's vital for the city to have an industry carrier such as the Oriental Beauty Valley to foster the whole industry, Zhang added.



The representatives from the health and cosmetics industries spoke highly of the business environment in Shanghai and its prosperous markets. Prior to the conference, Eric Chen, CEO of Markwins Beauty, decided to set up the company's production base in Fengxian. In March next year, the company's brands will officially branch into the Chinese markets and the company hopes to produce their products here as soon as possible



Markwins Beauty has always believed in Shanghai's distinctive culture and its innovative capability. At its fledging state, the company predicted that Shanghai would become a city of fashion, and "the Promise Land" for the cosmetics industry. The company is happy to see that its North American brands have achieved sales of US$30 million in China even before officially entering the country. It shows the great potential of the Chinese market, Chen added.



The recently-concluded China International Import Expo has also played an active part in promoting the future development of the city's cosmetics industry. Zhong Xiaomin, deputy director of the CIIE Administration, said the first CIIE not only became a window for China's beauty industry and the most important and influential industry gala, but also connected the domestic and foreign cosmetics' industries. The expo also provided an exchange opportunity for the world's cosmetics brands technologies and products and expanded the cooperation in the cosmetics industries' upstream and downstream businesses.



Huang Pengying, general manager of Bodyguard Apotheke's Asian Operation, said they had prepared products worth of a few millions yuan for the CIIE, which were sold out within the first two days and then they received a series of orders and potential customers. Shanghai markets have shown great potentials and confidence. The company decided to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai as their first stop to branch into the Chinese markets.



The 2018 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference was jointly hosted by the Oriental Beauty Valley's Promotion Center and China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries. Fengxian District has been fostering the health and cosmetics industries with the Oriental Beauty Valley being the core, which has incrementally become the aggregation place for industries such as skin care products, perfume, daily chemicals, health products, and biomedicine.



Chen Shaojun, chairman of the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, said the Oriental Beauty Valley has achieved great results in attracting companies and in promoting the district's economic development in the past year, and it will keep sharing its resources and promote the health and beauty industries' development.



At the conference, the Oriental Beauty Valley held its annual award-presenting ceremony and issued its cosmetics industry whitepaper of 2018. Through the calculation of the Big Data, 10 top local cosmetics brands such as Pechion, One Leaf, and Chando won the awards.



Zhuang Mudi, Party chief of Fengxian, said the district will build the Oriental Beauty Valley into a new platform for the city's new cosmetics products and brands, and it will take advantage of the Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference to help more domestic cosmetics brands to enter the overseas markets.



Xu Kunlin, vice-mayor of Shanghai, also attended the conference and delivered a speech.

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