WuXi Biologics establishes its global innovation center in Fengxian

Nov 29, 2018 | By Zhang Long

WuXi Biologics held an opening ceremony recently for its global biologics innovation center in Fengxian District, which will integrate biologics discovery, development, and clinical manufacturing.


Zhung Mudi, Party secretary of Fengxian District, offered his congratulations on the unveiling of the company's center in a message. Hua Yuan, Fengxian District's director, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.


Zhuang said the WuXi Biologics' involvement in the biologics industry has made the cooperation of the Zhangjiang Medicine Valley and the Oriental Beauty Valley more promising.


In the future, Fengxian will make more efforts to serve and support projects' development, build a better business environment, and support the progress of companies operating in the district, Zhuang added.


Hua welcomed the leaders from WuXi Biologics and their global business partners to the ceremony. He said the unveiling of the WuXi Biologics integrated center is another cornerstone of the biomedicine industry in the district, and it shows that Fengxian is taking the commanding heights of the global biologics industry.


When finished, the 150,000-square-meter WuXi Biologics integrated center will become one of the top centers in the world as well as China's largest biologics research, development, and production base. The center will integrate functions such as biologics discovery, development, clinical research, and commercial manufacturing, and it will be capable of accommodating more than 3,000 scientists and technicians.

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