Outstanding urban management and law officials awarded

Dec 3, 2018 | By Hu Min

The city's urban management and law enforcement authorities awarded 20 individuals and 50 groups for their outstanding performances in cracking down on irregularities such as illegal advertisements and structures to improve the street and residential community environment this year.


Guo Tiechao, who leads the Tianping subdistrict urban management team, was awarded for his role in the protection of historical architecture in Xuhui District. He dismantled 43 illegal structures at the Jian'an Gongyu residential complex on Hengshan Road, a protected piece of historical architecture built in 1932, restoring the former appearance of the garden villa cluster. 


At another residential complex on Tianping Road, Guo led his team to tackle more than 300 households with illegal structures and eliminated fire hazards at the community.


Jia Houhui, a law enforcement official with the Pudong New Area Urban Management and Law Enforcement Administration, has busted 10 cases over illegal use of land, illegal construction and moving greenery without permission. A total of 8 million yuan (US$1.15 million) in fines and confiscations took place in relation to these cases, and two suspects were handed over to police.


He has also delivered lectures and training around land management with nearly 2,000 attendees in total.


Mu Chenhao, chief of the Fengpu subdistrict urban management team in Fengxian District, has handled more than 1,000 cases since 2017, and about 40 involved fines totaling more than 450,000 yuan. He has donated blood three times and is a donor in the China Marrow Donor Program.


These individuals were selected from about 8,000 urban management officials in the city, and they have made significant contributions to the city's urban environment, according to the administration.


Their stories will be displayed at the Metro station of People's Square for one week.

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