Fengxian sets up a base to promote porcelain calligraphy and painting

Dec 4, 2018 | By Zhang Long

An unveiling ceremony for the Porcelain Calligraphy and Painting (Shanghai) Experience Museum and "Fengxian-Jingde" cultural and artistic industrial base was held in Shanghai Fengxian Haiwan Tourism Zone on November 29.


Jointly set up by Fengxian District and Jingdezhen, known as China's porcelain capital, the industrial base will be the Shanghai Base of Porcelain Calligraphy and Painting of the Chinese Cultural and Artistic Talent Center under the Ministry of Culture, and it is another innovative progress Fengxian has made to promote the "Shanghai Culture" brand.


Xu Wei, director of Fengxian District's Publicity Department, Yuan Yuan, deputy director of Fengxian District and over 40 national and provincial artists from Jingdezhen City also attended the unveiling ceremony.


The 7,000-square-meter experience museum has integrated porcelain calligraphy and painting exhibition areas, and its exhibits cover the whole cultural industry's ecological chain. The museum aims to develop the country's traditional culture, promote the cultural and artistic exchanges, and cultural industries' chain, and it will serve as a cultural industry's comprehensive service platform.


The museum has four floors that will serve as art collection exhibition area, leisure culture experience area, creative products sales area, and artwork equity exchange center. The exchange center has signed contracts with many domestic porcelain calligraphy and painting artists to build an artwork financing platform and an artwork equity exchange trade center.


Officials said the cooperation between the bay tourism zone and Jingdezhen will promote the protection and inheritance of traditional culture, strengthen the cultural and artistic exchanges, and promote the prosperous development of the cultural and artistic industries.

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