Celebration as Metro finally reaches outlying Fengxian District

Dec 29, 2018

Fengxian District celebrated the opening of the south extension of Metro Line 5 on Saturday, the first subway line to reach the outlying region.

The line, which stretches out from Dongchuan Road Station in Minhang District to Fengxian Xincheng Station, opens to the public on Saturday and shorten the travel time between Fengxian and downtown to roughly an hour.

"The opening of the subway line marks a milestone for Fengxian to develop into an urban center in south Shanghai and a comprehensive service center in the north of Hangzhou Bay," Lian Zhenghua, deputy director of Fengxian told a celebration on Saturday which invited residents and former district officials to ride on the line.

The development of the district in the city's remote southern region has long been hampered by a long, inconvenient drive to the downtown area. Although the city built the Fengpu and Minpu No.2 bridges to cross the Huangpu River, it still takes nearly an hour and a half to drive from Fengxian to the city center.

"We have been waiting for decades for a subway to take us downtown," said Lu Jinlong, a senior resident living near the Xiaotang Station of the line who was among the invited residents.

The extension covers 19.5 kilometers with nine stops, with most of the line falling within Fengxian. Lian said the district government started looking into the subway plan around the year 2000, and construction was launched in 2014.

To take full advantage of the new subway, the district has launched a series of supplementary projects near the Metro stations, such as bus stops, parking lots and commercial facilities.

The biggest project among them, R&F Wanda Plaza, began construction on Saturday beside the Fengpu Avenue Station. The commercial complex, covering a total of 263,000 square meters, will include shopping malls, office buildings, a commercial street and bus terminals. The project is expected to serve residents in the nearby Fengpu, Xiaotang and Xidu communities, according to the district government.

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