Fengxian to boost rural tourism for citizens

Jan 1, 2019

More rural homestay and tourism attractions will be developed in the city's south Fengxian District for citizens to recall or experience the countryside nostalgia.

Eighteen undeveloped village sites have been selected in Fengxian which could be planned and open to tourists with homestay or dining and entertainment options, the district government announced at a promotion meeting of its rural tourism resources over the weekend.

They include the Pandian and Puxiu villages in Zhuanghang Town, which is famous for its native cloth, mutton and honey pear, Wufang Village in Qingcun Town, Wusi Village in Situan Town as well as the Wusi Farm where downtown educated youth once came to support the rural development.

A number of homestay projects featuring the Jiangnan, or south China characteristics, the rural ambiance of Fengxian as well as the ecological environment near the Hangzhou Bay will be developed among the sites to become popular attractions for Shanghai citizens, the district government said.

Fengxian government has invited tourism research centers of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and East China Normal University to research on the rural homestay resources in Fengxian. Researchers have found 24 major rural tourism spots and 18 of them will be developed.

Two demonstration homestay projects have opened in the district. A white rural house in Huating Village of Zhelin Town and a bamboo-surrounded house in Situan Town have attracted a large number of tourists.

Citywide, Shanghai has 91 rural tourism and sightseeing resources among its villages and towns. The city government released a guideline to drive the development of rural homestay in September and the number of homestay projects have more than doubled since then, said She Lirong, an official with the city's culture and tourism administration.

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