Fengxian now a smart nursery for the elderly

Feb 15, 2019

Fengxian was recently recognized as a national demonstration base for smart nursery for the elderly.

A three-year plan involving a dozen policies and a subsidy of more than 1 billion yuan (US$148 million) has been designed to further promote the process.

The suburban district now houses more than 140,000 people who are 60 or above, accounting for 27 percent of the local population.

Among them more than half live in rural areas with limited option for the old-age provision, which is why social help is needed.

A "smart health for old people service system" along with an information process center was established last May, jointly provided by Qingcun Town and Chunxitang, a non-governmental organization.

The project distributes a batch of smart devices like heart rate detection wristband, infrared radiation alarm and gas alarm so close attention can be paid to the elderly's health and safety condition, especially for those who live alone.

In case of an emergency, for example, the gas alarm will automatically kick off the aid program and alert the police, who can immediately rush to cut off the gas and rescue residents as soon as possible.

With the means of Internet and the Internet of Things, the system is able to cover more than 100,000 people and carry out various services.

Zhuanghang Town, meanwhile, has installed broadband and video monitoring for each household where people aged above 70 live alone. They can also talk at home with their children through a corresponding app.

Altogether nine projects were launched in Nanqiao Town to facilitate life for the elderly. Local social health service centers and social affair centers now have VIP channels for people over 60 for easier access to relevant matters.


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