Thousands turn out to observe the Volunteers Day

Mar 9, 2017

March 5 is China's Volunteers Day. Numerous activities were held on Sunday across Fengxian to mark this special day, previously called "Learn from Lei Feng Day" in memory of an altruistic Chinese soldier.

Many people did volunteer work in their communities. A student group contacted an agricultural co-op that was willing to donate 300 kilograms of vegetables and they sold out the vegetables within two hours and gave the money to Situan Town Mutual Help Fund.

Some young volunteers took ID photos for people free of charge and sent the photos to them by e-mail or WeChat.

Many people did volunteer work on this day every year and local residents were happy to see familiar faces.

More than 5,000 people took part in nearly 350 volunteer activities in Fengxian on Sunday. They did sanitation work and cleaned up river banks, among others.

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