Green Corridor project to build 49km of tree belts

Mar 10, 2017

Fengxian's Green Corridor project was officially launched on Wednesday by Party Secretary Zhuang Mudi, Mayor Hua Yuan and about 200 district officials.

They planted 800 trees, including magnolia, camphor, osmanthus and willow, along Puxing Road which forms one side of a 6,800-hectare area crisscrossed by tree belts known as the Green Corridor.

The area is bound by Daye Road, Puxing Road, Highway G1501, and Zhugang River with a perimeter of 33 kilometers. Hangnan Road and Expressway S4 form a cross totaling 16 kilometers. Tree belts with a width of 50 meters on either side of the roads will form the Green Corridor.

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