Zhuanghang Town poised for rape flower festival crowds

Mar 13, 2017

The Fengxian Rape Flower Festival will unfold on March 18 in Zhuanghang Town where more than 50 hectares of yellow flowering rapeseed plants are open to visitors until April 16.

This year, rapeseed is planted in patterns to show the logo of Oriental Beauty Valley, a cosmetics industry park in Fengxian, and other interesting images. The main festival venue will have a stage for live music performances and a Chinese calligraphy contest will be held as well.

The town's Huami Resort provides accommodations and sightseeing services for families to have quality time there. Tourists can immerse themselves in the yellow sea of rapeseed flowers and explore the area on several hiking routes.

The festival will have its peak attendance around the Qingming Festival from April 2 to 4 when people habitually go on spring outings after visiting the tombs of their relatives.

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