Fengxian woos investors at Beijing meeting

Mar 13, 2019

Fengxian District held a promotion meeting on March 8 in Beijing to introduce major projects and attract investment. More than 200 enterprises and media representatives attended the meeting.

At the meeting, deals for the Zhenhua Trade Port, the Fengxian Sci-tech Innovation Park of Global Innovation Center and six other major projects, covering the areas of bio-medicine, new material and information technology, were signed.

Besides, Fengxian introduced the development progress on the district's major projects, including the Beauty Valley industry, Auto Future Space, New City project and Fengxian Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

District chief Hua Yuan gave a speech, saying that Fengxian is one of the main sources of Shanghai's private economy. And, the suburban district will continue to improve business environment and urban functions.

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