Garbage sorting gets a unique mode in Fengxian

Apr 4, 2019

Fengxian communities are trying to combine third party management and green account to promote garbage sorting.

Jinhai Community is one of the first in Nanqiao Town to pilot the mode, starting four years ago.

Open garbage bins have been replaced by garbage collecting stations where signs are put up reminding residents of the garbage sorting categories.

People can scan to choose which window the waste goes to as well as to gather green points.

A point-exchange event is held every half a year, when residents can use points in the account to swap for some daily necessities.

The wet garbage, on the other hand, is turned into fertilizer for partner farming units and for the greening in the community.

Volunteers are in place on a regular basis to help residents with garbage sorting as well as accumulating points.

The new mode has scaled down the pollution sources and labor costs required to clean up the community, according to a staff member in the community.

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