Shanghai's oldest peony plant comes into bloom

Apr 17, 2017

A peony plant began to bloom recently in Wutang Village, Fengxian District, attracting many viewers. Its pink and white flowers can last one or two weeks.

Called "Fenzhuanglou," it is the oldest peony plant in Shanghai with an age of over 400 years. Local records said it was given by a famous Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) painter to his friend named Jin Xuewen.

Twenty years ago, a garden was built to protect the peony. The Jin family descendants are taking care of the plant. They dig a trough around it every year and bury cooked pork intestines there to nourish the plant.

To ensure its healthy growth, Wutang Village removed cables and wires in the vicinity and built a shelter to protect the peony plant from strong winds and heavy downpours.

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