Fengxian residents enjoying sci-tech festival

May 24, 2019

Fengxian District is holding a Science and Technology Festival at Bailian Nanqiao Shopping Mall until Sunday. The festival aims to inspire residents to find beauty in science and technology.

Shanghai Buding Education Sci-tech Co Ltd has brought along a 3D printer and is showcasing laser engraving, smart car models and safe machine tools to children. "3D printing and smart technologies have spread to many aspects of life, including food making, clothes, media and education," a staff with the company revealed.

The suburban district's public-interest organization Tanxinqi is also providing lessons on how to assemble a train, know more about the train and make jellyfish lamp with used materials.

Garbage sorting is being promoted at the venue as well. Advanced measures, like touchscreen and augmented reality (AR), are applied for residents to learn more about the process.

"Fengxian is catching up with sci-tech industry development and is dedicated to the hi-tech beauty and health industry and the smart car industry," said a director from the district's science department. "We hope that this festival will be a rewarding journey to promote science among our residents."

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