First batch of village planners unveiled

Jun 3, 2019

The first batch of village planners, led by Lin Yinan, an expert on suburban public space renovation and culture development, will be introduced to Fengcheng Town in Fengxian, after an agreement was signed by the local government and the School of Art Design and Media of East China University of Science and Technology on May 24.

Lin and over 30 students from the college determined 15 projects to give a general facelift to Lukou Village, the first to benefit from the program.

Among the projects submitted, three will be first turned into solid constructions, namely an open stage to showcase different visual effects to visitors, a square at the village entrance and a public area for leisure.

Villagers have welcomed the changes. "The idle land in front of my house will become a square where activities will be held and my house will have a higher value, too," said Pei Kelong, who came back to the village especially to see the plan being implemented.

Students are also excited to see their ideas and visions turning into reality.

"This is the first time we are involved in an actual village planning," said Lu Tianyi, a junior student who is part of the designing team.

Fengcheng has released relevant guidance for the program to better integrate with the landscape, ecological environment, infrastructure, public service and industrial planning.

"The village revitalization needs not only capital investment, but also intellectual support," said a district official working on the program. The suburban district will continue to tap into the model and bring in more capable hands to upgrade villages.

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