Fengxian updates Confucius tradition

Jun 26, 2017

Fengxian District yesterday launched an online platform where people can help to realize the dreams of the less fortunate.

The platform, called Love Market, comes with a website and hotline. It encourages individuals, social organizations and enterprises within the southern outskirt district to offer their help and support, the district government said.

"It is a long tradition for Fengxian people to help each other," said Zhuang Mudi, the Party secretary of Fengxian. The name of the district literally means "to respect the nobility," because early residents in the area offered help to an apprentice of Confucius.

The district initially launched the campaign last year to encourage those in impoverished villages to publicize their difficulties and let others try to help them.

More than 100,000 people who sought help during the campaign have made their dreams come true thanks to the involvement of others, according to the district government.

A foreign enterprise based in Fengxian, for example, helped a partially blind girl to realize her dream to hold a painting exhibition, Zhuang said.

As one of 70,000 or so helping projects, the district government and companies promise to sponsor 1,000 local school students to go abroad for international culture exchanges every year.

They will visit local schools and join their classes, carry out investigative programs and write reports to enrich their life experiences and improve their international communication skills.

"We hope this program can provide a window for them to reach the outside world, especially those from the poor village families of the district who might have no chance to go abroad without the help of others," Zhuang said.

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