IKEA to build a testing and training facility in Fengxian

Jul 7, 2017

IKEA Test Lab and Training Center (ITTC) will have its second phase built in Fengxian Oriental Beauty Valley, an industrial park for cosmetics companies.

The new facility, covering 6,000 square meters of land, will cost 140 million yuan (US$20.58 million) to build and start operation next March. Its total floor space will reach 15,000 square meters.

Unlike the first-phase facility built in 2008, the new one is designed to conduct testing of products and materials from furniture to fabrics, toys, leather goods, and food contact materials. IKEA will also use the facility to train its employees and suppliers.

"We aim to provide comprehensive testing, training and technology support services to guarantee product quality and control the cost," said an IKEA executive.

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