Advanced sales meeting for sweet pears held

Jul 12, 2019

An advance sales meeting was held recently in Zhuanghang for this year's first batch of sweet pears, which will be harvested soon. Over 100,000 kilograms have already been booked.

Mili Co-op, an organization in charge of the town's sweet pear sales, was also unveiled at the venue. It will gather resources and settle the funds for sales as well as control the town's pear quality and price.

Usually the pears are ready for picking around the beginning of July and the session lasts until the end of August. But selling the pears has always been a problem for the farmers.

"Now we only need to plant (the fruit) and not worry about the selling part," said Gu Xiuhong, an orchardist.

By the end of 2018, the nine villages in Zhuanghang had achieved mass production of pears. There are now 13 co-ops accounting for 830 planting households and 4,200 mu (2.8 million square meters) of planting area.

The annual income of pear growing is 15,000 yuan (US$2,183) per mu, which is still much higher than the unit income of 800-1,000 yuan for rice paddies.

With group selling by the co-op, uniform packaging is applied to the produce. Workers of the co-op also attach tags showing the degree of sweetness on the packaging, facilitating easier selection for customers while shopping, which is also a positive result of detailed management.

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