Local boys win top prize in national opera competition

Aug 1, 2017

Fengxian students, Chen Shawei and Song Aoling, won the first prize of the 21st Chinese Opera Junior Competition last week.

They are 8-year-old students of Xiaotang Primary School and studied Peking Opera a little more than one year. The pair spent four hours a day after the school was closed for summer vacation to practice for the competition. Wearing costumes and make-up, they looked like professionals on stage.

"No pains, no gains," said Chen Sawei, one of the two boys. "I hope I can study Peking Opera at Shanghai Theatre Academy some day."

The Chinese Opera Junior Competition, first held in 1997, is a major national event for young opera lovers. Chen and his partner Song Ao'lin competed with 100 participants in the final.

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