Fengxian NPC members visit 'city brain'

Aug 6, 2019

Fengxian National People's Congress members and citizen representatives visited the suburban district's urban operation and management center, the "city brain", last week.

Standing in front of the big screen, the visitors got to see the operation platform, which includes a map that loads all the basic geographical information of the area as well as a network of the supervision and security system.

Personnel that implement the specific work and standards and procedures for the overall platform to run are also displayed.

It will cover 12 towns and sub-districts in Fengxian while Nanqiao, Zhelin and Jinhai regions are already in the trial.

Three modes – daily, guarantee and emergency – are available on the platform catering to different statuses in the city.

Real-time data is accessible for monitoring major and minor issues through patrols, complaint hotlines, and social security and industry supervision department; relevant staff will be alerted even if a manhole cover is not in place, so repairs or replacement can be called for in time.

Currently the platform focuses on nine tasks on construction site management and will be used in coordination with other offices' requirements.

During a meeting later, the visitors also raised questions as to whether it could work in line with traffic and road conditions and how to boost residents' involvement in city management.

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