Taste still flowing at mutton festival

Aug 8, 2019

The Zhuanghang Mutton Festival, which has been held in the hottest season for 12 consecutive years, is halfway through and yet still heating up with gourmets flocking in every day.

By August 2, Zhuanghang Town had received about 160,000 visitors, more than two times the figure when the festival first kicked off in 2008, and earned 17 million yuan (US$2.4 million) from the tourism industry.

Liu has been a regular guest for the past five years. He departs at eight in the morning from Xuhui District and hurries to Zhuanghang with his friends for the fresh taste.

"We could not book a seat, so we had to get here as early as possible," he explained.

Before noon the restaurants featuring the mutton dish are already full.

"The most traditional way to cook the dish is to slow stew without any spices," a chef from Li's Mutton restaurant said. "After the process, the mutton is not so white in appearance, but the original flavor is retained."

Usually liquor is consumed along with the mutton dish and in 2009 the dining custom was included in Shanghai's intangible cultural heritage.

To guarantee the quality and the town's brand, all lamb used in the restaurants are recorded and can be traced back along the shopping channel to the original sellers.

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