Communities take steps to improve local facilities

Sep 6, 2017

Old communities in Nanqiao Town, Fengxian, have started a crowd funding campaign to upgrade neighborhood facilities, especially crowded parking areas.

Beigang New Village, a residential complex built over 20 years ago, is showing its age and many residents can only park their cars on the road side or in nearby mall parking lots.

With few parking restrictions applied, people from outside the community use the area to park overnight and cause worse congestion.

The residential committee has held many discussions with property owners, resulting in a plan to raise funds to build a gated community.

They also agreed on an amount to be paid into a fund by each household and how the money will be used, including for further greening, road divisions and surveillance installation. So far, the fund has grown to over 100,000 yuan (US$15,300).

Jinye Residential Community decided to lock parking spaces and give access only to residents who pay the rent. This move has effectively blocked outside vehicles and brought order to the parking system.

Beigang Sixth Community voted to replace the previous property management company so the area could be better maintained. 

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