Industry park companies move to upgrade and modernize

Sep 8, 2017

Fengxian's Comprehensive Industrial Park is proactively upgrading its industry structure as it progresses to become a base for advanced manufacturing.

Its current pillar industries are cosmetics, new energy, auto parts, electronic information, equipment manufacture, and logistics.

Autoliv, a major auto safety systems provider with 39 percent global market share, plans to spend US$100 million in the park over the next five years on factory upgrades. These will support new technology and production lines for manufacture of smart vehicle electronics.

Another leading enterprise in the park, MAHLE Group, has been upgrading its systems to enhance improvements in making automobile components. It recently developed a new steel piston to save 2 percent of oil consumption to meet emission standards and road durability.

These enterprises are raising standards for companies planning to settle in the park, such as Shanghai Wedge Precision Casting, a National Thousand Talent Program business introduced in Fengxian, which will start operations once its factory construction is completed in November.

As the industry upgrades take shape, outdated or heavily polluting companies are being cleaned out of the park.

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