Quality checks underway for Fengxian waterways

Sep 11, 2017

The Fengxian water inspection center will work with a third party institution to do an overall quality assessment of 1,690 selected waterways over the next month.

The inspection will be the most thorough ever done in the district, covering city, district, town and even village-level rivers.

The assessment criteria will target any river longer than 300 meters and wider than 6 meters, or rivers that have turned green or black in color.

The selected rivers will be about one third of those in the district and final test results will be tabled with the water treatment department by end of October.

Sample extracting started last Tuesday on rivers where the flow was stable to ensure precision.

Besides waterways where pollution is visible to the eyes, unseen chemicals in the waterways will need special equipment for testing and analysis. The professional third party institution is involved in the whole process of water quality assessment.

Fengxian will use the test results to develop appropriate water treatment plans.

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