Fengxian teacher wins recognition for her commitment

Sep 12, 2017

The work of Fengxian teacher Bao Beicha was celebrated when she was recognized as an "Exemplary Teacher in Shanghai" on the 33rd Teachers' Day last Sunday. 

Bao was a young physics graduate from Fudan University when she signed up for Fengxian's first education support program 10 years ago.

Fengxian was two hours travel from Shanghai downtown then and many conditions were far from comfortable. But Bao stuck it out and chose to stay when the two-year program ended.

"I consider my time was well spent on valuable courses," Bao said. "I truly love being a teacher."

There were not enough teachers when Bao started so she was responsible for teaching math and English for the first grade of junior high. She also worked as a head teacher for several classes.

Over the decade she won the honorary title of "Outstanding Teacher in Fengxian" and several district teaching competitions.

In 2013, she agreed to lead the teaching program at newly-established Qingxi Middle School. Her attitude of concern and care was appreciated by students and their parents and she received high commendations.

Bao remains fully dedicated to her teaching career at Qingxi. She has written a set of textbooks for virtue education and established clubs for students to read and watch films.

"Nothing can compare with watching these lovely children learn and grow," Bao said about her job.

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