New art center to start construction

Oct 5, 2017

Fengxian's Nine Tree Shanghai Future Art Center has completed the land cleaning session and is now counting down to start construction.


The art center, located to the south of Fengpu Avenue, sits in the 76,670-square-meter forest park and will be equipped with a large theatre with 1,200 seats, a medium theatre with 500 seats and a small one with 300 seats.


The project is set to last for two years and boasts an eco-friendly construction.


It will be the first national A-level theatre in Shanghai suburban area and will hold the 12th China Art Festival in October, 2019.


"I have never seen a city like Fengxian that places a cultural building in the center of the city amid the green land," said its designer Frederic Rolland. It shows Fengxian's commitment to the culture.


The Nine Tree Shanghai Future Art Center and 11 other projects are a part of Fengxian New City's action to improve urban infrastructure. They take up an area of 1.28 hectares and costs 2.8 billion yuan (US$421 million).

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