Fengxian opens a new emergency station in its southeastern bay area

Nov 20, 2017

The bay area emergency station in Fengxian has been put to use since last week, filling the first-aid blank in the southeastern part of the district.

Located in Situan Town, the 323-square-meter station started construction last June and is assigned with four doctors, eight emergency rescue staff and an ambulance.

"Though the bay area is not densely-populated, the new branch is able to serve residents in the neighborhood," said Chen Min, Party secretary for Fengxian's emergency stations.

It also helps shorten the average quick response to 13 minutes in the district, especially when other stations are occupied.

Currently there are five emergency stations operating in Fengxian, including Xidu, bay area and Fengcheng.

Meanwhile the district emergency center has bought in nine more ambulances to boost efficiency, raising the number for 24-hour standby ambulances to 10 in case a major emergency should arise.

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