Fengcheng Town introduces Internet and big data into its urban management system

Jan 5, 2018

Fengcheng Town in Fengxian District has introduced Internet and big data into its urban management system.

Last year a comprehensive management information platform went online in the town, covering six road intersections, 57 village work stations and 182 inspection areas.

Assisted with cameras and big data, the platform facilitates the town's daily management, implementation of contingency plans, maintenance of urban appearance and specific rectification programs.

Rather than taking actions after a problem arises, the system is more proactive and flexible by spotting a potential problem and sending for help promptly, said Qu Ying, director of the platform center.

A total of 4,500 patrollers, urban management officials and volunteers are responsible for the urban management in the town. The platform places clearly-defined responsibility on each position.

The online platform also joins hands with pubic security, environmental protection, market supervision and traffic authorities to guarantee effective urban management in the town.

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