Fengxian's effort in streamlining enterprise registration procedures pays off

Feb 7, 2018

One could now register a company in Fengxian within an hour thanks to the great efforts made by the district in the past year in streamlining its enterprise application and approval procedures.

For 34 kinds of SMEs including restaurants, eateries, cinemas and hotels, the proprietors can go through the whole process with one trip.

At the district's administrative service center, applicants can scan the QR code, choose the company category and follow the instructions to get a complete chart of the materials needed, the time limit, the address of the institutions involved and other details.

Part of the steps can be completed online and the start-up process can be completed as fast as within one hour.

The online platform was built last year, involving 18 relevant government departments in water, environment protection and fire control sectors. 

If the required materials are incomplete, the applicant will be advised on what else is missing and non-crucial materials can be handed in after registration.

The official workers will also tighten the schedule for material examination.

Currently about 200 new companies appear in Fengxian every day, accounting for 30 percent of the total daily figure in Shanghai.

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