Subsidy helps improve living conditions

Jan 22, 2020

In a campaign to improve the local living environment, more than 167,000 villagers in Fengxian were awarded 234 million yuan (US$33.84 million) as subsidy to make a further upgrade.

In Nanqiao Town, for example, a community that is more than 20 years old is now equipped with security cameras and properly planned parking space. The residents also took a step forward and made rules of their own to allow for the most space-efficient parking.

Voice-control lamps have been installed in Zhongwang Garden residential community in the town, thanks to the subsidy, which has brought convenience and safety, especially for elderly residents who need to go out at night.

Similar minor improvements with major benefits are spreading across the suburban district where many villagers are volunteering to do even more, marking an auspicious start for a new round of the campaign in 2020.

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