Mayor Ying inspects epidemic control measures

Feb 11, 2020

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong on Monday checked prevention and control measures in enterprises, industrial parks, construction sites, office buildings, shopping malls and rail transit stations following the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Ying and other officials visited a Fengxian enterprise specializing in the production of medical protective clothing. In order to better serve the needs of epidemic prevention and control, enterprises have been working overtime since Chinese New Year's Eve and production was in full swing.

Ying asked for the composition and daily management of employees in detail, and urged the enterprise to deploy strict individual health protection, decentralized dining and other epidemic prevention methods.

He also required enterprises to share information with the local government, and cooperate in the joint prevention and control work and pay close attention to managing and protecting employees' health.

Currently, about 30 percent of enterprises in the Fengcheng Industrial Park have returned to work, and 20 percent of workers are on duty. Municipal leaders have asked the administration committee of the park to make full preparations for the epidemic prevention battle.

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