Fengxian works hard to build a park network

Mar 27, 2018

Fengxian has completed the park network planning and built 50 parks already, since it raised the goal to set up 100 parks within the district last year.

Among the 50 parks six are comprehensive parks while the rest are community parks and green lands.

The district greening department tries to improve the subsequent park construction based on a survey done on the already built.

The existing ones seem to have repeated themselves in themes and landscapes, said a worker responsible for the project. They will then make each of the parks stand out with its local features.

The parks will be designed to better blend into the local environment, like the rich river system. They will also be improved in terms of accessibility.

Experience is learnt through samples in the advanced countries and cities as well. Singapore for example, will take full advantage of the limited green space to make room for public activities like skateboarding and rallying.

Fengxian will work to integrate the parks, green lands, water system and local cultural and historical elements in the next step.

Apart from the number of the parks, the district also targets to offer a 12-square-meter park and green land area per capita for residents and 90-percent coverage for green land service area. By the end of last year, it was approaching the goal with 8.2 square meters for each resident and 50 percent of coverage.

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