Fengxian pushes ahead garbage sorting in rural areas with easy-to-follow tips

Apr 11, 2018

Fengxian is promoting garbage sorting with easy tips to follow in the rural areas to make the recycling process more efficient.

The way of sorting garbage is explained in plain language, even seniors over 60 years old can understand easily.

For example, residents are first asked to divide the household waste like leftovers, paper and glasses according to the fact whether they will rot or not. This step actually helps to separate "wet garbage" from "dry garbage".

Then they can further classify the waste by deciding whether the waste can be sold for money β€” in other words, recycled. Those that can be traded will be collected for recycling while the rest might be sent to landfill, incineration plant or for special treatment.

The preliminary garbage sorting has saved a lot of time for subsequent recycling.

Village officials have been put in charge of specific areas. They will guide and supervise the sorting work so as to make sure the sorting system works as designed.

Households doing a good job in garbage sorting will also be rewarded.

As villagers become more aware of the importance of garbage sorting, they have also asked village committees to improve the process of disposing batteries, electronic and other hazardous wastes.

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