Fengxian honors 12 'craftsmen' for their exceptional skills and devotion

Apr 28, 2018

Fengxian honored the first batch of 12 "craftsmen" in the district on the eve of May Day to honor their exceptional skills and devotion to their careers.

The honor is provided by the district federation of trade union to exemplary figures in different trades, including an agricultural expert, a veterinarian and researchers in enterprises.

Xia Rutie, an agricultural expert working in the field for most part of his life, has developed altogether 38 new farming technologies, one of which has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Award.

President Liu Fangyi of Intco Green Framing Co Ltd now recycles 50,000 tons of reproducible EPS polyfoam materials every year to sustain an environmentally friendly business. His constant efforts to develop world-leading technology in environment protection devices have earned him 49 pieces of patents for core technology inventions.

And the only doctor of the winners was Director Qiao Zengyong from Cardiology Department in Fengxian Hospital, who was introduced into the district as a high-end professional. He has contributed a lot to saving patients' lives and has trained many doctors in this field.

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