Fengxian young talent program serves as a platform for pooling ideas and resources

May 11, 2018

A group of young professionals were recently honored for starting their careers and participating in public benefit activities in Fengxian.

The Binhai Young Talent Program was launched last year in Fengxian to select outstanding young professionals who made important contribution to the district's economic and social development.

The candidates were evaluated after they delivered speeches and answered questions on a variety of issues including their morality and professional achievements.

They were also required to take classes and participate in public benefit activities.

Chen Han was among the 13 finalists who won the title of Binhai Young Talen. He registered his company in Fengxian last January, which focuses on new energy research and industrialization.

"We would like to promote our new energy products in the market," Chen said. "And our project matches perfectly with the local government's program to develop new energy.

For a new starter who just came out of the college, Chen faced many challenges and obstacles. But thanks to the local government's support, he has successfully overcome many difficulties.

The district's young talent program not only assists the growth of young professionals, but also provides them a platform to network and pool ideas and resources.

"We would like to do our part and attract more young people who share common aspiration to come to Fengxian," Chen added.

"We have a Binhai Talent Pool serving as a platform to connect governmental and social resources; for those who have been included in our program we would also offer preferential policies as well," said a Fengxian official.

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