Fengxian to open a 'green channel' to facilitate patent applications

May 16, 2018

Fengxian Intellectual Property Administration will soon open a fast channel for patent examination, facilitating the material review and approval process for individual applicants and enterprises in the district.

It is also the first IP administration in the country to pilot the practice.

"In the past, Fengxian enterprises need to send people to the downtown area to submit the materials for patent application, but now they only need to come to the district department and we will do a preview and hand in the materials for them," said an IP official of the district.

Previously the period for such patent application might take two to three years, but now with the shortened procedure, one year is enough to get an approval.

The reform sets out to encourage small and medium enterprises in the district to innovate and optimize the marketing environment.

According to the new rules, the green channel is granted to national key industries like energy-saving and environment protection, new generation of IT, premium manufacturing new materials as well as the district-supported industries like cosmetics, biomedicine, big data and cloud computing.

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