Haiwan Town's new city exhibition hall brings back memories of earlier settlers

May 24, 2018

A city exhibition hall dedicated to daily wares and photos from the early settlers in local areas has been opened to the public in Haiwan Town recently.

Many exhibits there bring back people's memory of earlier years when they first came to the place and built everything from scratch.

A donator surnamed Gu who worked in the health care sector gave away her warmer among other things.

"I have kept these things for several decades and now I would like to place them in a museum to let the young generation get a glimpse of the history. It is a kind of inheritance, too," she said.

"We do not just put the exhibits behind the glass windows," said a staff at the hall. "We show them in a dynamic way for young people to understand the past."

"Each item is loaded with a story," he added.

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