Fengxian is building a tracking and public inquiry system to promote food safety

Jun 1, 2018

A food tracking and public inquiry system in Fengxian is now under construction, said the district's market supervising department recently.

As one of the city's measures to build a "smart city," the system is expected to put into use in two years.

Residents can scan the QR code with cell phones to track the production, delivery and serving processes of the food in the market. The platform can clearly define the accountability in case of any food safety issues.

With technologies such as the Internet of Things and camera monitoring, the system will put food production and circulation under real-time supervision and an e-profile will be set up to better manage the suppliers and catering units.

Big data will also be used to generate precise food safety index.

A database will be built at the same time, sending regular food safety news push and offering the inquiry service.

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