Fengxian hospital sets up the district's first pharmaceutical clinic

Jul 9, 2018

Fengxian's first pharmaceutical clinic opened last month, serving for patients who cannot fully understand the medicine instructions.

The clinic receives patients on every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Fengxian District Central Hospital. Experts sitting in the office will explain more specifically the functions, indications and dosage of the medicine to patients.

"Improper intake of the medicine might lead to liver and kidney malfunction, allergy or even risk of life, which is not rare in daily life," said Xu Feng, director of the medicine department of the hospital.

Before the establishment of the hospital, a consulting window was in operation to answer questions in terms of medicine usage, when doctors are too busy to tend to these inquiries, but it turned out that the window was not efficient enough facing all the needs.

"Now with the special clinic, our pharmacists are able to better cope with such requirements," Xu added.

The clinic currently has 11 certificated pharmacists covering nine departments. Unlike before, they needed only write out prescriptions for patients, now they also have to provide detailed answers to patients' questions about the medicine they are going to take. 

The practice of pharmaceutical clinic was initiated earlier this year in some other districts in the city. Free consulting services include management of anticoagulant, medicine for chronic diseases, medicine for cancer pain and side effects. 

Some professional pharmacists will also help optimize the prescriptions for patients for better efficacy.

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