Fengxian launches a cosmetic research institution in Oriental Beauty Valley

Jul 27, 2018

A cosmetic research institution serving for Oriental Beauty Valley in Nanqiao, Fengxian was unveiled earlier this month. 

The Oriental Beauty Valley Research Institution, covering an area of 1,650 square meters, was jointly founded by the district government and Shanghai Institute of Technology. 

Combining the school's strength disciplines, it extends to full cosmetic industrial chain as well as individualized services of information exchange, academic communication, assessment and technology development, which has attracted partners like Pechoin, JALA, Shiseido and Jahwa.

The core of the institution consists of a public information service platform, which releases relevant production standards in the industry, and a public technology service platform, which will carry out cosmetic ingredient research and efficacy and safety assessment.

It's the only organization in China which boasts the integration of cosmetic talent cultivation, technology development, third-party assessment and standard formulation.

It has now six teachers from Shanghai Institute of Technology working full-time to start the process of development.

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