Fengxian opens first three homestay houses for tourists

Sep 12, 2018

Three homestay houses in Fengxian have been licensed yesterday for business operation, becoming the district's first of this kind of hotel to receive guests.

They will not only serve accommodation for tourists, but also set up office space for some enterprises.

"Dong Li Zhu Yin," one of the licensed homestay houses located in Nongzhan Village, Situan Town, is a four-story building now equipped with four guest rooms, a living room, a restaurant, a terrace and a swimming pool.

Surrounding the homestay is an outdoor area for barbecue and other events. 

The company that has rented and converted the building also includes an office space in the homestay.

Homestay business is heating up in domestic tourism industry as investors, especially in the design business, seek for a place of natural flavor, explained Xing Xiaoli, assistant executive of Lvmama Group, a tourism enterprise that also supports homestay business in Fengxian.

Along with the homestay business, local farmers will have more income through long-term lease for the use of land, employment chances in the homestay business, agriculture leisure items like fruit and vegetable picking and fishing as well as sales in the agricultural produce.

The district government has also stepped up its efforts in sorting out places for development, in collaboration with tourism research departments in the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and East China Normal University.

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